Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The von Quilt, Take 2

So I can finally show this quilt now since it has made its way to the rightful owners.
And since I have some time to blog about it.
Isn't this quilt the BOMB?
I love it! It's mostly AMH fabrics with a bear print from Spoonflower thrown in and a print with a bird... I think it's Humming Birds in Lime by Paula Young.
Anyways, super cute, no?
Those owners would be the von Ercks, hence the name of the quilt.
I'm pretty funny, I know.
The 'she' of the twosome also happens to be my cousin... I recently visited her new home in West Virginia after driving back from my sister's wedding in Virginia.
It was pretty awesome.
The house, not the drive.
That totally sucked.
Because I love my cousin so much I hand stitched her a sweet little label for the back of their quilt.
The 'vE' is kind of their thing.
I like it a lot.
I did a small section of piecing for the back, using fabrics from the front, and framed them in a solid orange.
The binding was a nifty orange polka dot that I machine stitched.

The quilt is huge (92" x 104") but I still basted it with the best method... pin basting.
Basting is my least favorite part of quilting.
I hate it.
But I'm always so happy afterwards when I've finished quilting and there's almost no bunching or overlapping or that kind of annoying stuff.
The quilt is so huge that even my supertall hubby with the wingspan of Godzilla couldn't hold it all himself.
The fact that he was sick of me trying to figure out my camera in the rain probably had something to do with his lack of willingness to hold it up as well.
Eh, whatever.

I realize this pics are slightly out of order... anyways, here's the details.
94" x 104"
Disappearing 9 Patch pattern
Machine stitched 1/4" from either side of vertical seams
Machine stitched binding
Pieced back
Warm and White batting
Hand stitched/pieced label

If you have any questions about the measurements/dimensions for this size quilt, just give me a shout and I'll get them together for you.
I know I actually wrote it down this time.


  1. if you ask me, i think this is your best work yet. ;)

    i love you so much! thanks again for our beautiful bedding.
    come back soon...the house was so much more full of life with you here! <3

  2. Taping on a wooden floor... genius... I will have to try that! I love this quilt it is amazing - the colors, patterns.... everything! Great job! Especially since it is so big. I have decided to just tackle little ones at this season of life... big ones are so challenging without the right space or equipment!


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