Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look at What I Got Today!

Insert a stuck out tongue, nananabooboo, sppppllttttt, or evil laugh here... whichever suits your fancy. I won't judge if you won't...

I had about an hour to kill and found myself, all of a sudden, in a quilt shop. Imagine that. There was fabric and everything!

Anyways, I bought myself some goodies and pondered several ideas for quilts while inside this shoppe (I just decided I'm going to spell it like that because it's more fitting, more quaint, if you will)

One of those ideas was about starting an all-polka-dot quilt. If I just save one square from all the polka-dotted fabric I use (which is a LOT. I really like polka-dots) I should, one day, have enough for a superfantastic quilt, dontcha think? So consider it officially 'started'. (whatever that means, right?)

I also want to make a string block pillow cover (or 2), a set of matching pillow covers out of the vintage napkins I just found, a hexagon quilt, a duvet cover for myself complete with matching shams and pillowcases, and a quilt with circles. I came about all this while killing that precious little hour at the quilt shoppe.

I better get started...

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