Friday, March 23, 2012

High on Spring.

We have been seriously enjoying some nice weather over here.
Spring is in the air and I've been inhaling deeply... one might even say I'm high on life.
I can't help myself.
I love nice weather so much. It makes me all happy. And probably nicer.
If my hubby were smart he'd move us to someplace where it's nice and warm all year long...

Picnik collage

Willow laughs hysterically every. single. time. I push her on the swings.
Like, loud belly laughs.
People turn to look and I catch them all chuckling sooner or later.
I mean, you can't help it, her laughter is contagious.

And the Squish also enjoys the swings!

But she's more of a kick-your-legs-and-squeal sort of swinger.
As you can imagine, when my kids are on the swings, it's a very loud area of the park.
I love my loud and happy kids.


Here's another nursery set to share:
Super fun, right?
This was actually my first "theme" bedding set.
(See that jungle print?)
I'll be honest, it was a little tricky finding a jungle print that was girly
and that also
matched green walls.
(These are not the green walls I'm talking about, these are my grey walls that I love dearly.)


I think it all came together really well.
My fave parts of this set would have to be the crib skirt (too long for my crib...)
and the quilt.

It's a string quilt... which I love so much!


And the back:

And a hand-stitched label to finish it off :)
I think that little quote is Irish for "my darling"(?)

For the string quilt, I used the paper-piecing method to make my blocks...
I think I started with 9" squares of freezer paper
and my middle strips of fabric were 2" wide.

I just love a quilt roll...

Wouldn't a whole bookshelf full of rolled quilts be amazing?

Happy Spring!!

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