Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chasing Charlotte and do.Good

Way back in February
I got an email from a woman named Kelly who was interested in ordering some
WillowBean Creations for her little one.
I get these kind of inquiring emails all the time, but this one was different.
She told me she was in the midst of adopting her soon-to-be daughter from a foreign country.
It sounds funny, but I could almost hear the nervous excitement in her voice
through the words on the screen.
I was instantly hooked, because my family has gone through adoption, too.

I'm from one of those big, intricate, crazy families that's had the fair share of
divorces, re-marriages, and adoptions which results in plenty of siblings,
not unlike many other families, I'm sure.
Step-siblings, half-siblings, adopted siblings...
There's a lot of us.
It's hard to explain to others, really.
And those words- step, half, adopted- I never really liked them, to be quite honest.
We're all just brothers and sisters.

You have no idea how many times I've wished for a Venn diagram when asked how many brothers and sisters I have... for real.

I don't really know where I'm going with this.
Like I said, it's hard to explain.
But what I'm trying to get to is that 3 of my 4 little brothers are adopted.
Which is probably why I felt an instant connection when Kelly emailed me.
Especially when I knew she was adopting her little girl from the same country my brothers are from.
Weird, right?

But wait- it gets better.
Oh yes.
There was an email, and then a couple more emails, and then Kelly told me her daughter's name:
And then she told me that Charlotte had Down Syndrome.
And I'm sure some of you have heard of my husband's cousin, Kelle, and her blog,
If you haven't, go check it out.
Oh, And get out from under your rock.

Long story short, Kelle's blog is great and fun to read and inspirational and all that good stuff.
Her daughter, Nella, also happens to have Down Syndrome.
I mentioned the blog to the other Kelly
(I know, it's a bit confusing with the same name... stay with me.)
as something she might enjoy taking a look at.
Then she told me that Kelle, and the words on her blog, were partly what inspired her to adopt a special needs child.

CRAZY, right?
I mean, out of all the millions of blogs on the internet,
what are the chances
that she would find both of ours that were connected in so many tiny little ways?

Well, I'm a sucker for small world coincidences like that-
so I was super excited to get to make sweet Charlotte a special present that will wrap her up at night and keep her warm and snuggled.

Over 6 months and 60+ emails later deliberating over the perfect present...
this is Charlotte's quilt:
Chasing Charlotte Quilt
It's one of the softest quilts I've ever made.
It's big (80x88") and warm and soft and everything you need in a quilt, really.
And it's bright. And fun.
And soft.
I wish you could reach through the screen and touch this.
It's so soft I decided to hand-stitch the binding on this whole thing so I could have it longer.
Not. even. kidding.

Here's a shot of the back:
Chasing Charlotte Quilt Back
It's a pieced back with random prints from the front and that solid aqua color.
The quilt is bound in a solid pink, which I think works really well to frame the front of the quilt as well as the back.
And you can see from the back that I machine-quilted 1/4" from each side of the seams.

Here's a special label I made for Charlotte's new quilt:
Chasing Charlotte Quilt label

to Kelly and her husband,
who are still in the process of bringing their little girl home.
You can read more about their story on her blog, Chasing Charlotte.
And thank you for letting me take part in making something so special for your daughter...

Here are my October blocks for the Grace circle of do.Good stitches.
2 Wonky Log Cabin blocks...
I haven't made these kind of blocks in a long time, they were super fun and a good way to use scraps.

Grace do. Good Stitches October

Maybe there's a new quilt to add to my list!

Happy Thursday... the weekend is coming, the weekend is coming!!


  1. Beautiful...on so many levels. Charlotte sounds like a very lucky girl to have this family awaiting her arrival - and to be able to wrap herself in this soft, snuggly quilt when she does.
    You're an amazing woman, Madison, and I am blessed to watch your own very special journey through life.

  2. Since Miss Charlotte is still a half a world away, her momma is sitting wrapped in your beautiful work...and crying.

  3. This is FAB.U.LOUS. We are adopting a little girl from Charlotte's country with ds as well. What an amazing gift you made for them. You have a wonderful heart.

  4. Wow. Just beautiful.


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