Monday, April 12, 2010

A Plethora of Information

I have lots of things to share with everyone today. I have been slightly lacking in the take-pictures-of-everything-and-post-them-to-my-blog department.
My bad...
I got lots of superbly awesome fabric in the mail yesterday from Material Girl Shoppe and some others are Etsy finds: like that Heather Ross Dogs fabric in Blue.

My mom's beloved puppy Roxy is a wiener dog and I'm planning on fussy cutting all those cute little wiener dogs to make something super awesome for her...
I just don't know what yet.


My labels finally came!

So I put them on everything I had been waiting to do so before they were to be mailed out. I just love them so much. These are SUPER soft and have a slightly worn/vintage-y look to them. I grabbed them up from greenbeansnstrings on Etsy.

It's such a cool feeling to be able to attach these to things I've made with my own two hands.


I finished a crib/toddler quilt to send off (WAY ahead of schedule I might add= go me!)
Here's the back:
That's not really all of the updates that I had planned to share with everyone, but I have to get dinner started or we may never eat. And I'm hungry.
I will return tomorrow with new changes.
I promise.

Go be beautiful!


  1. wow..the crib/toddler quilt is beautiful! and I adore your labels! Do you attach those to your quilts? if you do, do you just sew through the whole thing to attach them on the back? or do you attach them to the backing fabric before you sandwich and quilt it? and speaking of labels, when you are gifting a quilt to a personal friend or family member, do you make a personal label? Just curious about all this stuff! I really like you labels a lot!

  2. Thanks! I'm just in love with them... to answer your questions: yes, I hand stitch the labels to my quilts in a corner somewhere usually right after I finish the binding. And when I'm giving a quilt to someone I know I write a the date and a little message along the binding on the backside with an extra fine point sharpie marker. Thanks for inquiring :)


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