Thursday, August 6, 2009

Duvet in Blue, Fabulous :)

....and Voila!
My bid was accepted on Etsy to make this *sumptuous* duvet cover....and I LOVE it. I don't want to send it away. It's just so fun to look at. It's gorgeous! This is just the top, however. I haven't completely finished it. But I'm pretty sure I will have it all duvet-ed up by the weekend! Here are a few more pictures for you do drool over :)

Basically the design of this quilt is 4 21" patchwork-ish sections divided by 3 horizontal yellow strips of fabrics to make up a finished size of 68"x86".
To be honest, I only submitted my bid because the fellow etsian posted the need for a "Duvet in Blue, Fabulous". I thought she sounded fun, so I clicked and read on. "*Sumptuous* duvet cover needed for an amorphous blob". ..My heart skipped a beat. "I like her words" I said to myself! I bet if she lived by me we would have somehow been friends :) At least I like to think so...

Anyway, I've also been working on this:
It totally does not seem finished to me. I thought it was. But not anymore. I'm indifferent. It's not just the wrinkles either- it has been in the corner for a week or so, just waiting to be worked on...

You know what this is- a perfect opportunity to make a trip to the fabric store! Yay! I knew this quilt top would be good for something :) I will be updating more frequently, by the way. I had a superbusy week, but now I'm on the sewing prowl!

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